Kunming started to repair the Wujiaba Airport

China’s first terminal is located in Kunming, which was established in the Republic of China, after years of baptism, the terminal needs to be repaired in time. Recently, the site of the airport in front of the construction and maintenance of the construction of the airport terminal in the Republic of China, the project will be carried out for the overall renovation of the terminal, to restore its original historical style.

During the period of the war of resistance against Japan, the terminal building of the

airport was built in the period of the Anti Japanese war. It is a typical modern architecture, and it sits West to east. Terminal building, the period of the Republic of stairs, terrazzo floor and ceiling with a western style, have shown the style of the terminal. But because of disrepair, the terminal tile roof wall damaged many leaks, flooding, doors and windows also have varying degrees of damage, the main building is a highly dangerous state, urgent repair. February 14th, Kunming start protection project. 16, the official construction of the erection of the scaffolding repair. Reporters saw at the repair site, the construction of cultural relics have been erected outside the scaffolding, some serious damage to the doors and windows are being demolished.

site construction staff Wang Yunfu told reporters, after a preliminary investigation, the terminal of the airport in the period of the Republic of China since the completion of at least two major renovation. In order to restore the original appearance, the need to repair side while looking for traces of history, in order to restore its original historical style.

this ancient terminal, witnessed the glorious history of China, so it is very important to fix it. It is reported that the entire renovation work will last 60 days. After the completion of the renovation, is expected to set up the Flying Tigers " Memorial and patriotism education base, will provide a vast majority of young people to learn the history of the place.

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