The knot has joined what conditions Chuanchuan Xiang

knot son string incense? Delicious snacks, delicious business opportunities to make money. The knot Chuanchuan Xiang to join the project choice, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. Open a knot of their own string of incense franchise stores, no doubt, is very business opportunities!

What are the conditions for joining the

strings? The site is very important

knot strings strings join conditions:

1, there are personal funds and debt financing ability to obtain legal.

2, good financial credit.

3, the strategic thinking of investment and development in the catering industry.

4, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the concept of brand management have agreed that the future of the chain can be linked to the entrance of the whole body.

5, strong interpersonal and financial management skills, good relationship with local community.

6, with food and beverage business license, and has a fixed operating storefront, store area of not less than 50 square meters.

knot strings strings fragrant join process and services:

1, the company and the advantages of this project in detail, please send people to visit the field;

2, after investigation, in order to ensure the interests of both sides, need to sign the contract and the relevant procedures;

3, the company for the franchisee to provide brand use, store location, decoration design, advertising, business planning, technical guidance, chef training services;

4, the company free of charge to learn about the skills and technology, and for the franchisee to demonstrate the operation process;

5, unified by the company to join the business with technical personnel and provide a one-time hot pot material.

through the above introduction, I believe we have chosen to join the knot strings of incense project, is also a very exciting. In fact, entrepreneurs choose to join the chain of string incense project, open a snack bar, is also very popular choice is not it?

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