Fire safety inspections of the province’s tourist season opened the curtain

is my province summer tourist season, in order to ensure the fire safety of tourists, from now until September 30th, the provincial public security fire department will focus on the development of the tourist season fire safety special inspection in the province, place security risks related to tourism will not fire "fayan". This is the reporter learned from the provincial public security fire brigade in May 19th.

The special inspection of

with all involved brigade fire accident over the place, organize and carry out the special situation in the area of fire safety analysis, the weak links and identify the dangerous field of fire safety, focusing on hotels, shopping malls, tourist attractions and other tourism related market place, the establishment of fire safety management organization, regularly carry out emergency evacuation drills, fire safety training, fire facilities maintenance. At the same time, the establishment of voluntary fire organizations, improve the unit self inspection and self inspection, fire self rescue and regional emergency response capabilities.

special inspection, local fire departments will coordinate the jurisdiction of various functional departments, the tourism related place of fire inspection found all limit the rectification in place; it is difficult to rectification of hidden units resolutely check the customs stop, a major fire hazard left early to supervise the implementation of the rectification responsibility; of major fire hazards found, drew the government supervise the handling.


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