Eight measures to promote the construction of grassroots organizations in the North District activit

north of the city in order to highlight the characteristics of the grassroots party organizations as the focal point, innovative eight initiatives to promote a new round of grassroots organizations to build activities for the grassroots party organizations to lay a solid foundation for the overall level of construction.
is a "Ten Project" idea. In order to improve the scientific level of Party construction as the goal, adhere to the "project implementation, target management, project promotion, brand management methods of work, and strive to create a" quality improvement, virtuous recommended energy, team optimization, star standard, first-class, sunshine party, people only care, after hatching, remediation cohesion, project management and other 10 party building innovation project, clear steps, building engineering construction contents, propulsion mode, organizational measures and targets, and strive to create a level to the post responsibility level, grade level, level promotion level, forming layers are objective, everyone has the responsibility, the level of task responsibility system.

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