Let the public to eat water and water supply department action

July 3rd, the annual meeting of the northwest water supply industry was held in Xining in 2013. "We have developed a source of water, the factory water, pipe network water strict standards, improve the refinement of water quality testing, chlorination and other water supply operating procedures……" The same day, the reporter learned from the meeting, in order to allow people to eat safe water and satisfied with the water in Xining, the provincial water sector has a big action!

Water quality problems of

in drinking water by the public attention, as the production and supply of tap water of Xining water (Group) Co. Ltd., and always will be the quality as the life, to strengthen the protection of water sources, do not hesitate to invest heavily. Equipped with advanced equipment to improve water quality, water quality, establish and improve the water quality testing system, the formation of a standardized water quality detection mechanism. At the same time, the water sector has set up 55 monitoring points in Xining, some of which are located in the water quality monitoring points of residential door, long-term continuous detection of source water, finished water and tap water, strictly implement the state promulgated the "drinking water health standards".

at the same time, the provincial capital of the water sector to actively raise funds in the implementation of a number of urban water supply network construction and reconstruction project, constantly optimize the layout of water supply network, reduce water leakage, solve part of problems caused by insufficient water pressure, water, water burst and inconvenience to the residents along the pipeline aging, improve water security capabilities to ensure that. People eat safe water and with water. (author: Zhang Pu)


water supply pipeline repair card

recently, the public Ms. Fei call this newspaper: if the water supply pipeline burst, how long can the water company to repair?"

city water department responsible person told reporters that they were on the repair time of water supply pipeline damage is divided into, below 300 mm in diameter, repaired within 24 hours; 300 mm in diameter to 500 mm, repaired within 48 hours; the diameter of 500 mm or more, repair within 72 hours (in winter the repair time according to the construction situation on the other. (author: Zhang Pu)

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