Xining nearly 15 billion investment promotion projects

reporter from the municipal government investment recently held meeting was informed that, in this year, will boost the green contact itefcewc and a series of investment platform, investment in our city has made great achievements, as of now, the city has achieved 15 billion yuan of funds of nearly 283, boosting the smooth implementation of the project.

Lantau Peak expressway, railway station comprehensive transformation, urban road infrastructure construction projects, plans to invest 2 billion 200 million yuan this year. In order to solve the project funding requirements, the Municipal Department of urban construction in accordance with the municipal infrastructure and the market operation mode of combination of investment projects, as of now, has investment 300 million yuan to promote the effective implementation of these projects. At the same time, in the Western Conference, the Department on the Lantau Peak Expressway Tunnel Engineering and railway sixteen Bureau and other large central enterprises signed a cooperation agreement of more than 800 million yuan, making the project successfully implemented. Cogeneration projects, but also in the city development and Reform Commission to actively promote the investment of more than 100 million yuan, the current plant land acquisition work has been started, the construction project has been completed, etc..

it is understood that the current implementation of the 283 projects, 113 new projects, 4 billion 300 million yuan of funds, 170 construction projects, 10 billion 500 million yuan of funds in place. Among them, the 46 projects in the city during the signing of the contract, the current implementation of the 33, to achieve the funds in place of $2 billion 400 million. During the signing of the West will meet the 68 projects, amounting to $25 billion 100 million, will vigorously promote the construction of the city. And so far, there are still companies, investors and relevant departments of the city to interview the project investment matters, this year will be a new level of investment. (author: Xiao Yu)


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