Public satisfaction rate of health status of 94 7%

In September 2009, the city was the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee was officially named as the "national sanitary city", and with outstanding achievements in 2013 passed the review of the National Health City, the establishment of this work is to continuously consolidate and enhance. August 28th to 29, Gao Yumei, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress and some of the Municipal People’s Congress, the city’s long-term mechanism for the implementation of the national health city survey.

through field observation and discussion, the reporter learned that, in the city work, although there has been a decline of individual units, departments attach great importance to the work of the establishment of the Department, the individual level, urban and rural villages and the "three noes" Building Institute and other regional health rebound phenomenon is prominent, the farmers market exists disorder and health the cleaning system is not in place to implement the alleyways, vehicle Luantingluanfang, random set up their stalls, graffiti chaos posting phenomenon have rebounded, food processing small workshops and food safety supervision difficult, part of dining substandard sanitation, health awareness of employees and poor conditions, with the system of "Wei Jian" continue to improve, continue to strengthen the sense of responsibility, to strengthen supervision and strict appraisal system focused on solving the outstanding problems in the work of establishment. At present, the threshold of ten indicators of the "national sanitary city" in our city has been consolidated and enhanced: city garbage and manure harmless treatment rate remained above 92.3% and 100%; the city sewage treatment rate increased from 63.59% to 90%; green coverage rate increased from 36.25% to 37.63%, the ratio of green space 35.34% to 36.37%, the per capita public green area from 7.57 square meters to 10 square meters; annual air quality days reached 315 days, the fine rate was 86.3%; the comprehensive prevention and control, rats, mosquitoes and flies, cockroaches and other vectors can be effectively controlled; formulate a major food safety accident emergency plan and job specification for many years, no major food safety accidents; the masses to solve the problem of rate reached 100%, the masses of the health satisfaction rate of 94.7%.  

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