Four seasons scenic beauty in the chase

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, Datong County has its unique tourism resources. Here, visitors can enjoy the snow, Linhai, through outdoor training; also can enjoy the natural ecology, pastoral, rural folk customs; even better, here, visitors can slow down, relax and savor, leisure to enjoy the slow life outside of metropolis.

Datong the unique plateau climate, picturesque scenery, forest rich animal and plant resources, natural ecological environment is beautiful and harmonious development of ecological tourism, is richly endowed by nature advantage. Here is the classic mountain national AAAA level scenic spots, national Forest Park Chahansala Datong River AAA scenic spot and kite Valley Scenic Area, the empress mountain scenic area, scenic spots and treasure wild animal viewing area, and Heiquan reservoir, botanical garden, city park landscape bridge et al, is the spring and summer leisure, recreation, entertainment, summer and winter shangxue, sightseeing ecotourism destination.

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