Huangyuan Folk Culture Festival invites you to the Carnival

May 9th, reporters from Huangyuan County learned that for mining local folk cultural resources, promote the development of rural tourism industry, May 17th (the 8th day of the fourth month of the Chinese lunar calendar) to May 18th, Huangyuan county will be held two days of "April eight" temple fair and the second session of the folk culture tourism festival. Colorful temple fair invited eight party visitors to carnival.

According to reports, Shen County, Huangyuan Township Temple Village lunar April eight Temple dating back more than 300 years of history has been more than years ago. After a year in the 8th day of the fourth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the temple village became a sea of joy. These days, from the eight neighborhood township people dressed in festive costumes gathered in the temple village, held a grand folk cultural and recreational activities.

in order to create the "April eight" cultural tourism brand, Huangyuan county held a fair to see the horse · · Dan Junggar taste "as the theme of cultural tourism festival aims to promote the development of local tourism. During the event, the organizers arranged the Jockey Club, "flowers" concerts and other colorful recreational activities, visitors enjoy the cultural activities, but also enjoy the local cuisine. Tourism Festival will also give local people a special cultural and health gifts, so that people become Carnival here. (reporter Wen Ling)


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