Xining west area of three combination to newspapers and journals subscription

the party newspapers and journals subscription work and the spirit of the implementation of the party’s eighteen big closely together, together, with the focus of work and organization, combined with the year-end appraisal of work unit. This year, Xining City West District adopted the "three combination" measures to do a good job of Party newspapers and journals subscription.

to implement the key issue of party work requirements, to ensure the successful completion of the 2013 issue of the task, even the day, the West District of Xining City, and constantly improve the issuance of measures to do a good job in the "people’s Daily", "Qinghai daily" and other key party newspapers and journals subscriptions work as an important political task, to take effective measures to ensure that funds, measures personnel in place, to do the work of Party newspapers and journals subscription issue, multi-channel broaden the coverage of newspapers and journals. Party Committee Propaganda Department, district organization department, West Branch Post Office jointly issued the "notice" on 2013 key party ordering and distribution work, in the subscription, the subscription fee clear types must first subscribe to newspapers and journals, newspapers and journals at the same time the subscription and the construction of spiritual civilization assessment work together, as an important content the examination of various departments and units of Ideological and political work in construction, in order to promote the efforts of Party newspapers and journals subscriptions; clear the issue of Party newspapers and journals, so where Party members and Party organizations, there are party members, cadres and the masses and encouraging personal expense subscribe to newspapers and journals.

also called on the west area links the town (street), village (community) or units and social forces to the poor village package, contact the (community) Gift Set Party to carry out the "information poverty" and "culture of poverty" and other activities, and strengthen the supervision of the joint inspection team composed of office and towns. The various departments of the subscription schedule regular supervision and tracking, and the important key indexes of Party newspapers and journals subscription completion as the annual assessment to create party construction and spiritual civilization, to ensure the successful completion of the task of Party newspapers and journals subscriptions in 2013. (author: Ma Zhanyu yuan Yuhong)



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