Xining in the city’s comprehensive investigation of food and drug safety risks

In August 28th, reporters from the city food and drug administration was informed that from August 27th onwards, the Bureau in the city within the scope of a comprehensive investigation of food and drug safety officers were dispatched 60 passengers, vehicles 10 times, check the food service unit 47, health food, cosmetics and drug 5 enterprises, 19 enterprises, medical equipment business unit 5.

August 27th, the Council party secretary presided over many weeks held executive meeting, arrangements for the food and drug administration system to meet the city civilized degree index evaluation. Global cadres and workers led by the Bureau led by the composition of information, on-site supervision and community work three groups, depth of the District, the point of community guidance, supervision, inspection, to assist the creation of the city. In August 28th, the community working group into the village, the train station two contact point community commenced thorough investigation and supervision and inspection, aiming at the problems and difficulties, careful consultation with community organizations, put forward rectification opinions and suggestions. 17 people consisting of on-site supervision teams to the four district, district joint health and food and drug administration staff, in accordance with the city community on the streets, a city office to determine, on the regulation of food service units and health food, cosmetics, medicines, medical equipment stores one by one investigation. Focus on the "table of civilization" to create work carried out supervision and inspection, supervision and guidance of all types of food service units by hanging banners, posters, reminder and other ways to carry out the "journey of civilization into the table" as the theme of the activities, formed a strong social atmosphere. (author: Wang Xiaofang)


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