The investment industry should pay attention to what the dark glasses

glasses industry has been a very popular industry, many people want to do an investment in the glasses industry, but more is to have a strong desire sometimes more easily into the trap, today because of this opportunity, we Xiaobian together to see what the act’s black glasses shop franchise!

A, fake brand, tricks copycat brand

The name of a well-known brand

two tricks, thirty thousand shop


pseudo O2O mode

three tricks, zero sales network

"the first O2O franchise brand slogan" very loud, an investment, easily earn two money. Many want to get involved in the traditional network or a purely O2O faith were deeply impressed by such a slogan, it seems at the forefront of the market, catch a ride to the electronic commerce, attracted by the O2O mode is a beautiful figure and a variety of commitment, investment began to blind, began to move. But in before joining whether you truly understand what is the O2O mode, O2O mode with primary website, website has stable sales network, all kinds of platforms, whether the success of the brand O2O stores, are indispensable. Light has a website, there is no sales is the name of the site; there are no successful site sales entity stores, is purely electricity supplier. So we must carefully study, do website, on-site Dundian two-way visit, rather than blindly.

four tricks, a product delivery FedEx

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