The construction of underground space information system in Xining will put an end to

All kinds of city pipeline facilities the main road, often repaired, water, gas, electricity, communications and other pipelines and followed the road leading to the dug out, filled in the dig, forming "road zipper phenomenon". Recently, Xining city underground pipeline and census information management system construction work officially started, the future of Xining underground space information achievements will be fully integrated into the "digital Xining", "Xining road zipper phenomenon is expected to improve.

underground pipeline network is the essential infrastructure of the city and the city’s normal operation of the "lifeline", last year, Xining established the underground pipeline information management system construction work leading group, led by the Municipal Urban Planning Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of land and resources is responsible for organizing the implementation of Xining Institute of surveying and mapping based on digital Xining geographic information public platform for results the specific construction project, the construction period is 3 years.

it is understood that due to the serious aging of the underground pipeline in Xining, pipeline information is not complete and decentralized management, municipal planning, construction and management has brought a serious impact. In the city construction and construction process, and to dig through the pipeline Waduan, resulting in water and electricity, network outages, travel difficult situations have occurred, affecting the normal production and life of residents. It is imperative to establish a scientific, complete, complete function and fast query system for underground pipeline information management.

The main task of the

underground pipeline information system project is a census area in Xining urban area of about 110 square kilometers, within the scope of basic information for the length of about 5000 kilometers of underground pipelines of water supply and drainage, gas, electricity, telecommunications, municipal, industrial, thermal pipeline and underground facilities. These results include all information "digital Xining geographic information public platform, not only to meet the needs of city planning departments in the actual planning, and can meet the needs of the pipeline management authority departments to the dynamic and visualization of pipeline information service, is of great significance to the whole people’s normal production and life.


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