Provincial Commission for Discipline nspection bulletin 7 typical problems

in order to further deepen the style and discipline construction, Chi is the wind Su Ji, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the recent investigation of 7 typical issues to be notified.

Deputy director of the Xining City, Huangzhong water authority Li Guoyao illegal accepting gifts problems. March 21, 2015, Li Guoyao for her daughter to make arrangements for the wedding, according to the program to the higher Party committees, discipline inspection report prepared, and received 10 subordinates under the director of a total of $19000 water pipes. January 13, 2016, Huangzhong County Commission for Discipline Inspection reported by the county Party committee agreed to give Li Guoyao party a serious warning. In January 27, 2016, Huangzhong county government decided to give Li Guoyao administrative demerits punishment. Illegal accepting gifts to the collection.

, deputy director of the East Sea city development and Reform Commission, Xie Jilin, deputy director of the Bureau of statistics, the deputy director of the organization in violation of discipline, illegal reimbursement of travel expenses problem of. In July 16, 2015, the East Sea City Statistics Bureau received notification statistics business backbone training courses at the National Bureau of statistics of Beidaihe training base, Xie Jilin, Zhang Xiaorong after the deliberations, without the "business backbone courses" changed to "county (District) Statistics Bureau is mainly responsible for training, and to return tickets, tickets for a longer training time for 3 days. After Zhang Xiaorong and other 3 people and delayed the return of 2 days. Later, the city Bureau of statistics for the reimbursement of Zhang Xiaorong violations during the delay of a total of 3208 yuan travel. January 27, 2016, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the East Sea by the municipal Party committee approved the report, were given Xie Jilin, Zhang Xiaorong party warning, ordered the return of illegal travel expenses reimbursed by the unit and turned over to finance the.

Haixi Golmud City Bureau of statistics Wang Qiji illegal benefits, reimbursement of travel expenses and other issues. 2014, in 2015, the Golmud Municipal Bureau of statistics for the two illegal payment of clothing for the staff of $27414. July 2013, on August, Wang Qiji leave for Xining, Beijing to see a doctor, the violation of the reimbursement of their own units and employees during the accompanying ticket, accommodation and travel allowances totaling 14435.5 yuan. December 29, 2015, the Golmud Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection reported approved by the municipal Party committee to give Wang Qiji party warning. Ordered to return illegal reimbursement of expenses.

Hainan Tongde County Bureau of resettlement grants from illegal subsidies. During the period from 2013 to 2015, Tongde County resettlement office on weekends and holidays, overtime attendance per person per day issued a subsidy of 100 yuan, a total payment of 47680 yuan. On January 29, 2016, Tongde County Supervision Bureau decided to give the county respectively, resettlement Bureau Wang Zhenfeng, Marin accounting administrative warning. Illegal payment of funds to be confiscated.

in Chengduo County Yushu, a township deputy mayor and director of the police station Gamaou week illegal subsidies problem. In September 2013, Gamaou weeks to illegal illegal digging gold Yang and others collect the resource compensation fee of 200 thousand yuan. In September 2014, Gamaou weeks to extract 46 thousand yuan, for the payment of bonuses, allowances and other expenses to the police station staff, after returning. 2015 1;

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