This new year’s day people do not set off firecrackers

"if the Spring Festival fireworks business is bad, next year will not sell. Because of this’ poor ‘can bring a lot of good sanitation workers — less hard, police, firefighters and less air pollution less, less people go to the emergency room." January 1, the reporter visited the 54 Main Street, East and West Street, several sales of fireworks shops, one of the fireworks sales staff Zhang moved.

citizens meet: solar new year without blasting

recently, the topic of the Spring Festival or put off firecrackers became a hot topic in the city. On the evening of December 31, 2013, the public felt that the figure is particularly sparse fireworks, firecrackers are few, much more tender than last year. Although the choice of not setting off firecrackers, but the streets and lanes still filled with a thick atmosphere of the festival, family dinners or friends, see a love movie, talk about the topic of concern, we ushered in 2014 in laughter. January 1, an interview with reporters, Mr. Su said the public, on the evening of December 31, 2013, he and his friends as well as the appointment did not set off firecrackers. Although there are still people in the evening to set off firecrackers or fireworks, but compared with previous years that is too little. Hope that during the Spring Festival, we also try to do not put or set off firecrackers. At the same time, Mr. Su also suggested that shops, businesses do not put the door gun, ritual guns and so on, because these firecrackers are larger specifications, set off a longer time, more serious environmental pollution.

operators: less inventory to avoid the backlog of

this spring festival or put off firecrackers to discuss, but also aroused the attention of fireworks operators. Not to put or set off firecrackers will directly lead to the decline in dealer income. In the interview, some operators believe that the Chinese traditional customs should be set off firecrackers, contrast the flavor of the year. The majority of operators believe that the fireworks when the air is filled with "sulfur" taste, affecting the air quality, therefore, they also support little or no. Executives say that last year’s Spring Festival firecracker sales have declined, partly because of the rising price of fireworks, on the other hand, firecrackers burning will produce soot, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and other toxic ingredients, pollution to the air, so some people choose to put less active in Xining city. According to last year’s situation, they will be appropriate to reduce the number of purchases, so as not to avoid too many goods to deal with, because unlike other firecrackers, improper storage, there are security risks.

people ask: can you come in environmental protection gun

Xining market can enter some new environmental protection fireworks?" When the Spring Festival this year, Beijing will be the first sale of no sulfur added, less smoke pollution of the new environmental protection fireworks news release, some people call this newspaper, made the above recommendations. It is understood that environmental protection does not contain heavy metals and sulfur gun propellant formulation, combustion would reduce the formation of sulfur dioxide gas; firework outer cylinder using starch material high temperature foaming compression molding, small volume high sealing, not in the transport process of fried tube, fireworks will not be confetti flying; electronic firecrackers can long-term follow;

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