Tea high speed in October this year through

In July 24th, with the tea card to Golmud Expressway to Golmud Nuomuhong control engineering of railway overpass bridge last 40 meters of prestressed concrete T beam erection successfully completed, marking the tea lattice high-speed railway bridge engineering beam plate full erection, laid the foundation for all through October this year. This is the reporter learned from the provincial highway construction authority.

tea cards to Golmud Expressway started construction in 2012, approved the budget for 10 billion 691 million yuan, accounting for the period of three years, the starting point is located in Wulan county tea card highway west of the town, the Gonghe to Chaka highway, G109 line and end point of Qinghai Tibet highway is connected, the route length of 470.22 km, the highway construction according to the standard four lane two-way design speed of 100 km / h, 80 km / h. As of now, tea grid Highway Subgrade Earthwork protection and drainage engineering, and small bridge and culvert, tunnel engineering completed, pavement construction completed 70%; housing (except tea card, Golmud mainline toll station is to improve the design of safety engineering construction units), have been in the field of communication pipeline has been laid finished greening project is being implemented, a total investment of 8 billion 200 million yuan.An important part of

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