A city north of the city of Xining District 12 evaluation Ying seized inspection teams in the region

Since August 28th, a strong organization and leadership to take measures to the north of the city of Xining District, deployed more than 60 people hit the city composed of 12 inspection teams in the evaluation of examination ", to meet the national assessment group for the arrival of a clean and beautiful environment.

by district and subdistrict office two departments to implement all-round supervision, has the effect, is the implementation of the check to check the progress of the implementation of no investigation reasons, influence on the implementation of the check responsibility, to ensure that every point, every detail, every time to full compliance, truly "problem investigation. The work is not up to the standard, not let go, the rectification is not in place left off, not to pursue the responsibility pass", and strive to create a good atmosphere in the evaluation of a City Ying seized the whole city.  

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