Jian Wei to meet the national level 25 food and beverage inspection unit in central review


Jian Wei Ying National Review and" creative city "work into the important time node, the total market for the city of Xining village, south of market health live poultry slaughter filthy, part of the catering industry" three "incomplete facilities and Houchu poor hygiene problem, the City District of Xining City Economic and Business Bureau, urban management administration and health departments to carry out environmental inspection, 25 catering units were subject to administrative punishment.

inspection, the staff focused on the inspection, review of the city food and beverage service units, tea gardens, schools and nurseries, the construction site canteen. A total of more than one thousand kinds of food and beverage service units, the dissemination of disease prevention and control of biological notification. Rectification is not complete more than thirty catering units, the city issued a rectification notice, requiring rectification, food and beverage units due to the existence of poor sanitation and other issues by the 25 Administrative penalties.

at the same time, the staff also the rectification of the night market in Dongtai market, the south, the field of corrective and standardized operating outside the shop 108, correct all the road placed 17 acts from the demolition does not comply with the provisions of the street lamp box billboard 10, confiscate the activities of more than 30 billboards, clean up the city of chaos posting, graffiti writing more than 700. For the Dongtai market operating households issued trash, installed a fly proof facilities for cooked food and meat products business operation. (author: Wu Yachun Zhang Yongzhi)

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