North Village Election in accordance with the law

In order to make the "two committees" general election in accordance with the law, in an orderly manner, recently, North District from strengthening leadership, develop grassroots democracy, strict election system, in strict accordance with the procedures for the election, the election will do the work arranged in good order. To carry out legal publicity to create a good atmosphere. For the protection of the village (neighborhood) people exercising their democratic rights and election election in accordance with the law, and create a good atmosphere for the harmonious transition, Chengbei District organized a number of legal publicity and education activities, in view of the different stages of the election, enhancing the pertinence of legal publicity and education. The use of a variety of carriers to enhance the diversity of legal publicity and education, and promote the concept of electoral law. Combined with practical work, strict general system. In order to ensure the successful completion of the work of the election district, North District to the region issued a notice of election canvassing bribery, destroy the order and other illegal acts were clearly defined, and the corresponding strict disposal of illegal acts of interference, from the source to control the general criminal phenomenon election work, ensure that the election work orderly carry out. Implement the supervision of the joint point, the implementation of the election according to law. For the timely guidance, to solve the problems in the work of the general appearance of the election, the election of the escort work is completed, in the general election in the north region, the establishment of district level (level) leading contact point contract system and organs of the party organization of village (community) system, the timely discovery, analysis and solution of the contact point village, community election the election work has encountered new problems and provide help for the. Organize legal training to strengthen the team building. In order to give a general election with a style of hard, strong work team, help the election backbone enhance legal awareness, improve the rule of law, in the north area of general work early held a number of general training backbone. As of now, there are 4 villages in the north area of the successful completion of the work of the election, the other village (community) the general work is in accordance with the law and orderly development.  

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