Hundreds of flights on the snow to allow the outage of the transport sector for winter transport saf

December 14th, most parts of the province have snow, as of press time reporter, hundreds of times shuttle bus outage, the bus to the direction of mutual assistance outage. For snow weather, the Provincial Department of transportation in a timely manner to deploy, urging the system to take effective measures to ensure that the production and life of the masses to provide safe and convenient travel conditions. The reporter learned from the Provincial Department of transportation, after entering the winter, snow weather in our province is relatively frequent, affecting more than one country and provincial transportation line, the transportation department will take measures to provide security for the people travel conditions, requirements of the transportation departments at all levels and the road transport management institution to further deepen the safety management measures, clear responsibilities and the responsibility to the people; the highway maintenance department, implement the emergency team, pat materials machinery and equipment; to strengthen the road especially prone to patrol snow and ice ridge, landslides and other key sections, and adequate reserves of chains and snowmelt agent, found dangerous timely treatment. The passenger station launched the emergency plan, the train station (point) just for the replacement ticket procedures, are not allowed to sign out of overcrowded buses; strengthen staff safety education of the winter road transport enterprises, is strictly prohibited speeding, drunk driving and fatigue driving; technical condition of vehicles is strictly prohibited non-compliance, not equipped with anti-skid devices Shen Yun; to further improve the winter vehicle safety plan, conscientiously do a good job in the vehicle running, and tire slip fire proof work; strict implementation of long-distance passenger vehicles 2:00 to 5 parking break system, and give full play to the vehicle GPS monitoring platform, to detect and correct illegal behavior.  

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