Xining commercial housing sales norms can not be sold without permission

March 23rd, the city housing security and the Housing Authority issued a "Xining area real estate sales pre-sale notice places standardized management requirements", sales agent requires the Xining area real estate development companies, real estate enterprises comprehensively regulate commercial housing prices, less commercial housing sales because of information asymmetry in the process of the formation of the pre-sale the dispute, strictly protect the legitimate rights and interests of buyers.

according to the notification requirements, the city within the scope of real estate development enterprises or commercial housing sales enterprises to set up the sale of commercial housing sales site, must carry out the sale of commercial housing sales information publicity system, the pre-sale of commercial housing price publicity system, personnel information publicity system, housing sales must be consistent with the online selling system.

real estate development enterprises must be within the scope of housing pre-sale permit for the public sale in 10 days to obtain the "pre-sale commercial housing permits in the pre-sale permit has been achieved in the project, shall not in any way of housing sales and collect any money.

who found the sales agent business of real estate development enterprises and commercial housing does not perform or disguised violation of the notification requirements, real estate management departments will be the deadline for rectification of punishment, serious cases will be in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations to give appropriate treatment.


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