Xining Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention organization party members visited the We

June 17th Xining municipal CDC branch Party organization center of all Party members and some middle-level cadres visited the original xilujun Memorial Center, party secretary Comrade Zhao Shenghu led all the members in the West in front of the statue to relive the party oath. Then everyone with immense reverence in the Chinese Red Army xilujun Memorial, to listen to the guide introduced in the West more than twenty thousand warriors fought hard, brave the enemy, suffered heavy losses, although defeated the glorious glorious history.
by visiting, West army commanders insist on revolution, dauntless heroism, the party and the people are not afraid of sacrifice of the heroic devotion touched by all the staff, their spirit never for posterity, will inspire us based on their own, dedication and selfless dedication, to contribute to the development of disease control.

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