Xining Huize bonus health care reform of urban and rural masses

days ago, reporters in the City District of Xining City General Town Center Hospital, by surprise, past a deserted house in township hospital, now also bid farewell to the equipment idle, personnel "lost" a "recession", has ushered in the return home to hospital for treatment of patients with folks.

, the original is not only the masses do not trust us, do not want to come to the grassroots medical treatment, and even we are also worried about the risk of not receiving patients." Dean Zhu Ting said that in the past there is no medical equipment, technology is also poor, there is no confidence in the heart, so that these basic health care in the basic state of the fall.

"now different!" Zhu Ting said, we can not surgery, basic public health services in general are available, and the basic diagnosis and treatment of headache and slight fever, chronic diseases, hypertension, diabetes, pulmonary heart disease can do. Township people with the nearest reimbursement of medical expenses, to enjoy the service of three hospitals.

let the sun shine in health care for everyone in urban and rural areas. Xining as the first batch of national public hospital reform pilot cities, a number of health care reform in the forefront of the country.

comprehensively promote the grading system, deepen the reform of public hospitals, and promote the reform of Medicare payment and enhance the comprehensive ability of medical services…… Since the start of the new round of national health care reform, Xining has increased the pace of health care system reform, so that more people at home to enjoy the high quality, cheap, fast, rest assured, health reform dividend".

health reform livelihood, affected people, as long as the harbor to the common people, loving people, the performance of their duties, we will be able to reform the major livelihood projects and run. To fully carry out a new round of comprehensive reform pilot efforts in key areas, catch the highlights, highlighting the characteristics of breakthrough, make an example for the province’s comprehensive reform pilot, struggling to break with the characteristics of Xining medical road." Xining mayor Wang Yubo on the city’s health care work.

medical reform office deputy director Guo Wei said, as the province’s health care reform vanguard, Xining launched the first nationwide grading clinics, first started to carry out the floating population of basic public health pilot; family physician hospital reimbursement rate among the nation; the highest proportion reached 90%, belong to the forefront of the country. Continue to deepen the reform of health care, so that the people of all ethnic groups in Xining to see your doctor, difficult to see a doctor, optimistic about the state of the disease has been significantly improved, enjoy more affordable.

2014, the city government at all levels of health care investment amounted to 13 million yuan, health expenditure accounted for 7.52% of GDP. Arrange medical health special subsidy funds 354 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17%, the city public hospital reform, the county public hospital reform, the diagnosis and classification system, the basic drug system, medical insurance, disease emergency rescue system and 12 full coverage.

"now not only spend less, the service has gone up. Township Hospital experts can make a reservation for us to the hospital consultation, we don’t have to go to a hospital doctor;

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