Problem based approach to enhance the satisfaction of tourists

August 19th afternoon, Xining mayor Wang Yubo presided over the executive meeting of the municipal government. The meeting considered the "Xining in 2013 to improve the satisfaction of tourists action plan (Draft)". Wang Yubo pointed out that the satisfaction of tourists directly reflects the quality of tourism services and the city’s comprehensive management level. To enhance the satisfaction of tourists, as the construction of tourism destination and tourism hub, the plateau landscape to create a garden city of tourism, construction of livable, important content industry, should travel, the pleasant life of the city, take the problem of search method, to resolve the problems and consolidate improve, and strive to tourists satisfaction index of our city steadily in the country ranking.

according to the China Tourism Research Institute released the second quarter of 2013, the national tourist satisfaction survey report shows that in the country’s 60 key tourist cities, ranking Xining tourists satisfaction. Wang Yubo stressed the need to enhance the satisfaction of tourists, visitors to seize the problem is not satisfactory, through the work of the law, to face up to the problem, sector linkage, one by one to solve the problem, which enhance the satisfaction of tourists. To establish a mechanism to promote the establishment of supervision, the establishment of a joint meeting system, regularly held a regular meeting of the existing problems of research combing, deadline for rectification, and strive to make a significant increase in the satisfaction of tourists within two years. To attach great importance to the construction of scenic spots, based on the creation of a unique, different, attractive new scenic spots, in the continuous innovation to promote new breakthroughs in tourism.


meeting also considered the opinions on the establishment of a joint responsibility mechanism for Land Enforcement (draft). Wang Yubo pointed out that the land is the basis of people’s livelihood, development. Strengthen land management is the common responsibility of all levels of government and relevant departments. All regions and departments should be deeply aware of the importance and necessity of establishing a common responsibility mechanism of land management, and constantly improve the ability and level of land and resources management. All relevant departments should take the initiative to assume the main responsibility for land management, together to stop illegal land in the bud. To further improve the mechanism of social supervision, the formation of a good atmosphere in accordance with the law in accordance with the law of the whole community and work together to grasp the pattern.

for the comprehensive management of air pollution in Xining City, Wang Yubo requirements, all regions and relevant departments should strengthen confidence catch management, increase investment efforts, focus of governance, strict penalties control. Wang Yubo stressed that air pollution control, Xining is a heavy responsibility as a provincial capital city. The air pollution control as an important livelihood projects, the air pollution and a city, model city, Chuangwei, Sen and other activities are closely linked, the linkage, to jointly promote, with the greatest efforts, the most effective measures, the city’s air quality has an obvious improvement in air quality, and strive to the leading position in the western provincial capital city.

meeting also studied other matters. (author: Sheng Nan)

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