North District launched the four largest investment zone to build a new landmark north of 6 billion

July 27th 2013, Xining city development and Investment Fair Seongbuk investment environment and key projects to promote the meeting, North District launched Menyuan Road area, West apricot area, Qilian road block and a living area angle machine plots, 4 plots, focus on the promotion of Small and micro businesses business park, in times square too commercial center 10 projects. Among them, the contract has been signed 4 projects, the signing amount of up to $1 billion 830 million, the development of the project and the project to achieve the intention of small and micro enterprises integrated management service center project. (author: Peng Na)



city fair, the Beichuan River (core) comprehensive management project launched 8 sub projects, with a total investment of 6 billion yuan to build a new landmark north. Planning the scope of the first phase of the project is to the south of Tianjun Kang bridge, road north, Ning Ning Zhang Highway West Road East, planning area of about 6.35 square kilometers.

The Beichuan River (

core) launched a total of comprehensive management of Wetland Park project, Happy Valley theme park, spa resort, specialty commercial street, star hotel, waterfront complex, mixed commercial and residential area of OUTLETS, 8 sub projects, in plateau waters, summer garden, cultural corridor for positioning, leisure, entertainment, shopping, to live and work as a whole, the formation of a new pattern of "mountain, water, city of the city, improve the urban service level, showcasing Hehuang culture, create a new landmark district and national holiday destination.


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