Central show seven sword punish corruption

March 6th, the district held the fifteenth session of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Fourth Plenary Session of the meeting, thoroughly implement the spirit of the Commission and the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee, the summary of the 2013 clean government and anti-corruption work, work arrangements in 2014. At the meeting, the city showed seven sword severely punish corruption, in order to create a clean central area, the construction of people’s satisfaction in the central area to provide a strong guarantee.

it is reported that in 2013, under the strong leadership of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and the District, the region’s anti-corruption work has made new progress, new achievements. City to clean government and anti-corruption work in the area of individual assessment, were identified as excellent grades.

2014, the city discipline inspection and supervision departments to show seven sword severely punish corruption. First, the innovation of institutional mechanisms, the formation of anti-corruption work together. All units and departments, especially the main leaders must establish a clean government is not grasp the sense of serious dereliction of duty, conscientiously fulfill the first responsibility, the anti-corruption work into the unit, Department of the overall planning, overall consideration, coordination and promotion. Second, strict discipline of the party, to promote the normalization of cadres style, institutionalized. All Party members and cadres, especially leading cadres to carry out the party’s mass line educational practice as an opportunity, from its start, start from the specific issues, take the lead in the implementation of the central eight provisions and the provincial regulations and measures to improve the work style of cadres, the wind will change, wind, turn style, fresh air tree. Third, increase efforts to investigate the case, and effectively play a deterrent role. Stick to the wind must be correct, there must check the case, there must punish corruption, greed will have Su, to zero tolerance of corruption, Zhuazao grasping small, saving lives, to resolutely investigate and deal with major cases, and severely punished affect social stability and the interests of the people, damage the image of the party occurs in masses around unwholesome tendencies and corruption. Fourth, pay attention to the effectiveness of propaganda to promote Party members and cadres honest politics. To further enrich the culture of "six plus four" activities, efforts to create the cultural brand singrain district ", built a number of its name, the concept of smell, actually has its effect of clean culture teaching demonstration. Fifth, focus on the source of prevention and control, efforts to enhance the ability to prevent corruption. To strengthen the key projects, key, key positions before, during and after prevention and supervision, to further improve and implement the construction project risk, the demolition notice, notice the warning conversation, bidding and government procurement supervision and satisfaction evaluation system of contact card ". Sixth, strengthen institutional constraints, promote the standardization of transparent operation of power. Continue to strengthen the supervision and restriction of power, conscientiously implement the party oversight regulations, strictly implement the principle of democratic centralism, perfecting the collective leadership and division of labor, an important briefing and debriefing Shulian, democratic appraisal, admonishing conversation and other supervision and accountability systems. Seventh, strengthen their own construction, the overall situation of economic and social development. The discipline inspection organizations at all levels should conscientiously implement the transfer functions, transfer mode, turn style requirements, grasp the main industry, correctly handle the relationship between the lead and cooperation work. Transformation of functions, highlighting the main industry; change the way, enhance the effectiveness;;

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