Datong County held in the town of earthquake agricultural engineering training courses

6 2, the county seismological Office of the joint Seismological Bureau invited Qinghai University lecturer Luo Chunyan, held in the town of rural residential seismic technology training courses, township cadres, villagers, more than 60 people attended the training courses.

lecturer in plain language, text presentation, and on the practice, through training of cadres, villagers and rural construction craftsmen in the understanding of building seismic fortification importance, learn how to improve the seismic capacity of the house and the villagers’ awareness of disaster prevention and safety ". After the training, presented the earthquake knowledge brochure and jointly published by the Municipal Seismological Bureau, Municipal Construction Committee of the "Xining rural residential earthquake safety promotion atlas to tal town".

for a period of time, the county seismological office will continue to strengthen publicity, improve training, and actively provide rural residential safety seismic technology, service for the construction of new countryside, and promote rural residential seismic fortification.


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