Creating a city equal emphasis on height and depth

The West District of Xining City, Qinghai province

as the economic, cultural and social development achievements in recent years, the city, through the development of third industry, financial services, technology services, business services, distribution services and information services and other modern service industry, urban construction achievements. In particular, through extensive and in-depth work to create a national civilized city, West District infrastructure to further improve the livelihood of the people to protect the ability to continue to enhance social progress, the living environment has been greatly improved. A vibrant, civilized and harmonious new West is being more and more people know and well known.

Chengxi believe that to build a civilized city, we must deepen the construction of civilized city in the center of the city center of the height of the work.

highly determined attitude. The attitude of the West District, is to let the construction of civilized city work to become a strong, rich people, the United States and the United States, social stability, the new western booster.

west district party secretary Wu Tianxiao said that the construction of spiritual civilization is an urgent and important task, we must focus on the results, but also pay attention to the process. Spiritual civilization represents the development of the region’s quality, to promote innovation and transformation of an important driving force, the concrete embodiment of people’s livelihood. Spiritual civilization is the soul of the city, the spiritual civilization should be placed on a more prominent position.

West District profound understanding, grasp the construction of civilized city, the essence is to grasp the development of environmental improvement. In recent years, the west area of the solid promote the national civilized city and the city to create work, continue to strengthen infrastructure construction, improve the city environment landscape, improve public health literacy and the quality of civilization, has achieved initial results. The water into the city to implement "project, on the area of park river dredging, dredging, excavation and renovation;" the city in the water, the water in the city ecological landscape scale; streetscape renovation, "three noes" comprehensive hospital building maintenance and renovation, and enhance the city carrier function effectively, the environmental quality improved significantly.

West District profound understanding, grasp the construction of civilized city, the essence is to grasp the core competitiveness of the city mold.

modern regional competition, the core is the regional economic growth pole as the central city of the contest. Which city has a stronger bearing capacity and adsorption effect, with a more competitive position, a variety of economic factors to strong polar nuclear, strong plate flow trend will become more apparent. Urban civilization, and the core competitiveness of the city complement each other. At present, well-known commercial enterprises two district is vibrant with its unique advantages to attract domestic and foreign in the west, a good financial environment has become important to attract investors, the third industry has become a pillar industry of the western modern service industry, spare no effort to catch up……

the depth of the West District, is to deepen the practice of building a civilized city in the city for the people of the institutional mechanisms.

"create a city" is to improve the living standards of the people, improve the quality of life of the people." March 8th, held in the West District of the city hit mobilization meeting, deputy secretary of the West District, mayor lee;

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