Xining invested nearly billion yuan to build medical and health service system

This year, Xining invested nearly billion yuan of funds, and vigorously promote the construction of medical and health service system, so that the majority of the city’s residents to enjoy a comfortable, assured medical services. Xining City Planning Commission by actively raising funds for projects, 48 million 620 thousand yuan of new North District Emergency Center, Huangyuan County Chinese medicine hospital emergency, medical technology, hospital building, the two hospital of Huangzhong county hospital building and 42 township hospitals turnover housing, the expansion of 3 township hospitals business premises; 1 million 140 thousand yuan investment expansion 19 village health room; invest 22 million yuan for 44 township hospital medical equipment configuration, complete the basic medical and health institutions and infrastructure construction of the annual task. At the same time, Xining also increased health aid efforts, and actively organize 3 provincial hospitals, 35 county level medical institutions in helping their counterparts in 58 township hospitals, and earnestly implement the Beijing No.304 Hospital, Shanghai Pudong and Guangzhou and other places targeted aid projects, completed in Yushu in Zaduo County, Guoluo Maqin county and banma County, the task of helping their counterparts, to achieve full coverage of the aid of township hospitals.  

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