The South Ring Road opened at the end of October next year

Reporter in September 16th from the Provincial Highway Construction Management Bureau was informed that the public concern of our province’s first two-way six lane highway, Xining South Ring Road in late October next year will be officially opened to traffic, the city traffic pattern when the city "in the outer ring network" will constitute the city traffic pressure will be effectively alleviated. More convenient for people to travel. Constitute a network into a ring in the form of Xining South Ring Road is a national highway network and Qinghai Tibet Tibet expressway network is an important part of. The starting point is located in the safe area of the west, connected with the Lanxi high-speed caojiabao airport interchange, the traffic has been built on the Beijing Tibet Expressway safely to Xining section, through a small gorge, yanggouwan, Shen Jiazai, Yin Tang, Tonghai, end point for Huangzhong County DOPA Zhen Zha Ma Long Cun, and has built the opening end point Xining to Huangyuan highway is from east to west through the city of Xining, composed of Xining City Beltway Road, approximately 61 km length. The highway will be built in our city construction "into a network of extra ring" city traffic pattern, to improve the national highway network, the implementation of west development strategy, improve regional traffic conditions, alleviate the city traffic pressure, has important significance to promote the construction of the eastern city of group of our province. It is reported that the province’s first two-way six lane highway, Xining South Ring Road is the province’s first line of two-way six lane Expressway standard of highway construction, highway design speed of 100 km / h, roadbed width of 33.5 meters, the estimated total investment of about 9 billion 447 million yuan. The road there are six tunnels, respectively, Cai Shan Tunnel Xiakou tunnel and Lantau Peak tunnel, south of unitary mountain tunnel, Xishan tunnel and Tonghai tunnel. Five tunnels have been through the end of October next year the opening of the reporter learned that, in addition to the current Xining South Ring Road south of unitary mountain tunnel, the remaining five tunnels have been all through. The provincial administration of highway construction related staff told reporters, as the South Hill unitary complex geological conditions, the construction personnel has two times into the mountains to carry out investigation, and has already begun on the mountain road excavation, and another control engineering project, Nanchuan River Bridge will start as soon as possible, to ensure that the Xining South Ring Road next year in October 31st officially opened to traffic.  

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