Retail business innovation

in such an era of innovation, if the store’s business is still conservative, I’m afraid it will be difficult to get a better development. In the marketing position for many years, in the daily cigarette sales work, every mention of township cigarette retail customers, customer managers will always feel "bad work" difficult in what place? Here we set up a group of villages and towns to analyze the reasons why.

first, the structure of the general age is too large, old ideas, old traditions, deep-rooted. New ideas, new ideas, new marketing, new things, new brand is difficult to accept. Furthermore, the higher level of rural senior cultural echelon is relatively low. Their minds are always confined to a single sales model. You sell me to buy, do not buy it or leave it "is always the old traditional management style.

we advocate the transformation of business model, to accept the new marketing concept, the customer is god…… Some of the "innovation difficult to break the" move and new business models, for them it is similar to the empty talk, the pain behind closed doors. The reality of the existence of the above, but as a customer manager how to deal with this group of villages and towns better break the innovation is what we have to face, and the need to continue to work in practice, groping forward.

recalled the work of the frontline town customers, Xin Sheng tobacco firms "Guo Wen is able to accept new things compared. When I first took over the area. His monthly sales volume is 200, which is a very small number for most cigarette dealers. But in their own town, the surrounding area is also a front.

after repeated communication with him, I found him to enhance the operating performance of the demand is relatively strong. As a customer manager, my job is not to help have the ability to operate, equal to a series of in-depth and meticulous work to enhance the operational capacity. I think the customer can not work from the township business philosophy, marketing skills, publicity and recommendation of such software, may accept he will feel that we should, not pragmatic, it would come straight to the point, from the "hardware" begin.

Township information relative to the city rhythm "slower", Guo Wen want to know some daily cigarette information only through the call to me, more than once I said to him, now information technology is a big trend, you do not keep up with the idea, to keep up with the rhythm, tomorrow the market will be eliminated. After all what we now need the network, including the layout of the cigarette retail terminal, first of all have to do network information sharing and integration, and require daily operations to achieve the real selling real brush.

Guo Wen mouth does not say, the heart of the concerns on the perception told me that this buy a computer, install a cable to a lot of money ah! I said the input and output is proportional to the high-speed rail, which will come to the train…… Customers are more willing to listen to my advice, a few days

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