Small business achievements in the future small coffee to win the wealth market

maybe we all know a kind of coffee, that is, one yuan of coffee, is a kind of paper bag packaging, a lot of people can not imagine this kind of coffee can also get rich. You do not do not believe that the following entrepreneurial story, that is a dollar coffee, quickly to understand it!

when a lot of classmates every day about recruitment will complain about working hard to find, 23 year old college graduates Xu Kang is a small boss worthy of the name, the first is made of imported food store, now engage in "one coffee machine", the monthly income of nearly 3000 yuan, though not much, but is rebuffed job students much better.

The first face

now many students see Xu Kang business success, to learn from him, ready to go home to do poineering work, Xu Kang is also very helpful to teach them how to ingredients, how location, but also actively help them to contact the suppliers, he also hope that more students can go on the road of entrepreneurship.

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