Pumpaa how to manage Manicure shop

women earn money is the best, this sentence is really true, because just find a success with women about the industry profits, and now many people love to do Manicure, also let this industry development is very good, 10 years ago, she starts from a only six square meters Manicure shop, now has five stores, employees from one individual to now manages a team of more than and 50 people. She can use a variety of nail polish in a pair of hands to create a variety of beautiful patterns, but also to use this technology to get what she wants to live.

sincere: let the rapid expansion of

Yibin Peng Peng Manicure shop owner Peng Peng is a childhood living in Chongqing in Yibin, she began to learn in the studio at the age of 17, three years after she began to contact Manicure amy. Is the beginning of hope to dress up, then to the germination of the idea of starting their own business, but the Chongqing storefront is expensive and not easy to find, decided to go back to Yibin for a visit. In 2004, Yibin Zhongshan street, one of only six square meters of the small corner, Peng Peng opened a Manicure shop, please add employees, a total of two people.

"at that time, Yibin Manicure store rarely, the business is very hot." Peng Peng said they often busy until 6 in the afternoon before lunch. Such a good business Peng Peng did not expect. On the one hand is due to the large market demand, on the other hand, Peng Peng believes that he and his sincere.

"my customer is word of mouth, is full of old customers with new customers." Peng Peng said that at the beginning of the business, she did not know propaganda, is to treat every guest sincerely. She believes that only the guests and friends can better understand the needs of the guests, for their services, they can be more satisfied.

Peng Peng opened second stores because customers become friends and quickly contributed. She said, although Manicure shop business is very good, but because of its own shortage of funds, can not achieve the "expansion". Pumpaa one customer that she cannot open stores because of financial problems, take the initiative to find Peng Peng, funded by her help Pumpaa Manicure open shop, when the right to cooperation. Also, Peng Peng’s funds have been accumulated, but also let her quickly opened a few other stores in Yibin.

learning: let the team grow

Manicure is an innovative industry, with the increase in visitors, guests needs a change from quantity to quality. At the same time, Yibin Manicure shop is also increasing. July 2005, Peng began thinking about the development of shops. In August, she began to study in Beijing, advanced ideas and technology back to Yibin. At the same time, adding makeup, tattoo business.

With the increase of

team, she was recommended

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