Dessert to join the project on the election of Yang Xiaoxian

love apartment was a favorite of young people create a great sensation, of course, which plays Ceng Xiaoxian, Chen also became famous. The image of a good man Ceng Xiaoxian. Today, we are going to talk about another small Yin, is a small item in the food project, he is Yang Xiaoxian dessert.

Xiamen happy taste Catering Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, registered and managed the Yang Xiaoxian dessert brand.

"Yang Xiaoxian" to create a "big basin" continuous ice sales model, pure handmade healthy dessert chain brand. Through the introduction of Mr. Yang Xiamen, clever combination of traditional techniques and modern technology of dessert originated in 60s in Taiwan in the middle, leveraging the Internet to market. With real materials, handmade, adhere to no preservatives, zero pollution, zero added, healthy and delicious business philosophy, soon attracted a lot of consumers, gained an excellent reputation. Brand name from a combination of three names, "Yang Xiaoxian" from the origin of the name, on the meaning of happiness, happiness.

how about Yang Xiaoxian dessert?

"Yang Xiaoxian" – "Yang Xiaoxian" has two core brand value: health and pure manual. To select the superior, natural and healthy ingredients, additives, preservatives, pigment rebuffed plasticizer and endanger human body material.

"Yang Xiaoxian" adhere to product quality, continuous innovation and development, make the products more diverse, ages, seasons.

"Yang Xiaoxian" since its inception, to direct and join the model, the rapid development of. Since opening in October 2012, the development into the fast lane. Successively in Nanjing, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Nanning, Taizhou, Putian and other places, opened a number of stores.

enjoy Yang Xiaoxian dessert, enjoy the taste of happiness.

Yang Xiaoxian dessert how to join? Yang Xiaoxian join process description:

1, to understand the "Yang Xiaoxian" to join the information;

2, fill in the "Yang Xiaoxian dessert join application form";

3, "Yang Xiaoxian" on the basis of material review, interview details;

4, signed an agreement to join the delivery of gold;

5, store decoration, personnel training;

6, the purchase of equipment, materials;

7, handle relevant business documents;

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