Children’s toy market potential big plush toy gradually

mother in the public good in the industry today, children’s toy market favored by more and more investors, now the performance of toys are more and more diversified, and in many of the building blocks toys, electric toys, electronic toys and so on kinds of plush toys, since there has been, still occupy the leading position in the toy in the industry.

it is understood that we often use what is widely accepted as an appropriate adjective in society". In the children’s toys, toy or gift market, the most "young and old" fan children is probably the plush toys, we can take a look at the various occasions (especially the wedding celebration with gifts and gifts), you can clearly see the figure of plush toys & gifts.

recently, the reporter visited the Yiwu, because the regional sales of plush toy businesses in particular and concentrated, under an atmosphere like this, especially for the mall management department plush toy merchandise sales side are marked a exclusive area so that, more concentrated in the eyes of consumers. For plush toy market audience with the sales rate of. Plush toy products listed in the most time, so that the practice can be described as the heart of the first and thoughtful service.

Huang Xiaoru is a plush toy gift shop owner, according to her introduction, in which a business in the industry has been around for 20 years, operating from above the palm of the small plush toys to taller than a man, the plush toy goods, everything is, on the one hand, the benefit on the development of the market on the other hand, is the industry evolving trend.

industry in Guangdong said in an interview in Shantou, China’s domestic toy exporter, has nearly 70% toy export commodities, from South America to the Middle East (which is one of the earliest to do foreign trade export area), from Portugal to Spain, to Russia and other countries and regions. In the early stage of the export of toys and gifts in China, the demand of some countries is quite large, moreover, their quality and safety requirements are not so high. With the social development of the deepening of the people, consumer demand for toys toys goods quality and safety is more and more high, also is the country for this, its harsh trend also to ascend, until today is still constantly evolving.

market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, which will promote the quality and safety of the industry, there is a great change, with the rapid change to describe, not too much."

attractive children toy products more and more, the Yiwu toy buyers said in an interview, these toys gift company has a dedicated research team, they will incorporate new elements to the children’s toy products, to let more audience can benefit from the recommended

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