After breaking out of their own piece of heaven and earth after 90 successful examples of college st

everyone wants to live better, but the workers every month those pitiful wages, what time can achieve their dreams? So now more and more migrant workers joined the road of entrepreneurship, but entrepreneurship is accompanied by huge risks, the following is the true story of a 90 after the success of university students the small make up to share with you:


founded the first campus "studio"

The first single

"living sculpture" from their creative

has not graduated from college students to do creative design, the effect how? To solve this problem, the studio’s general manager of the third party sand sand proudly told reporters, "our strength is not bad!"

"living sculpture creative city north sky from us." Sand Fang told reporters that at the end of 2009 the city opened a new shop a lot, to create an atmosphere, assembly design, and ultimately their "living sculpture" plan approved. In two months, living sculpture composed of their studio personnel a variety of publicity in the sky, the effect is very good.

"we also put the living sculpture creative promotion to 54 square and the beach, Daocheng later established a number of professional companies, specialized operation of living sculpture exhibition, but this is the earliest we carry out the creative." Square sand, sky city "living sculpture" is the first single from studio test during the operation, 2 months down the "reward" received a total of 80 thousand yuan.

earned 110 thousand sell "creative" for half a year

and part of the utilitarian attitude of different peers, many creative 90 students at school these are around "environmental protection" and "energy saving": "children’s day, in order to give the children a different doll, we used the pillow, quilt, quilt and kids provide us the towel and other objects to make a lot of green and lovely toys." Sand sand told reporters that these toys to give them a lot of inspiration, I would like to be in the future design of this kind of low-carbon environmental management

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