The 2016 Winter Youth in Taiwan to visit Beijing on business development

with the gradual deepening of cross-strait exchanges and expansion, the number of young people in Taiwan to learn to observe and learn more and more. At present, China’s open and innovative environment for development has won the attention and favor of Taiwan youth.

At the beginning of the new year

A, from the Arctic cold hit the capital, but could not stop from the island of the young students to visit the capital Beijing the pace of exchange. Learning and understanding, entrepreneurship and innovation practice atmosphere has become a highlight of this visit.

1 20, a day of cross-strait youth entrepreneurship exchange forum held in Beijing college students entrepreneurship Park (Liangxiang Park) successfully held. This activity by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the Straits Exchange Center and the "economic" magazine co sponsored, Beijing City, Fangshan District Liangxiang Higher Education Park Management Committee, "because of you" the National College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship contest organizing committee, Beijing will be in school enterprise cooperation to promote cross-strait people and Services Association jointly hosted.

"economic" magazine, assistant Wang Lei said: "" economic "magazine for years dedicated to the cross-strait economic and cultural achievements, and integrate the resources to carry out" because of you "innovation and entrepreneurship competition, promote cross-strait youth innovation and entrepreneurship practice. Help to the mainland to start the business of Taiwan youth office, legal, financial, employment, promotion and a series of entrepreneurial problems, a one-stop service."

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