The water is very deep Tmall store operating costs Xiangjie

now, want to start a lot of people, with the development of the industry, the scope of the choice is greater. Some people do 3 or 4 years of electricity providers, but also do not understand the cost which contains several items. Like CCTV playing Starbucks coffee, that the ex factory price of 20 yuan to get the hands of the product, as long as the sale of $40, he earned twice. In fact, today, if you operate in the Tmall shop, 20 yuan ex factory price of the product, with a price of 3 times the price of $60 sold, the result can only be a loss.

1 (product cost for example, 20 yuan);

2, the packaging cost (packaging, packaging, logo, customer service card, packaging supplies, such as 5 yuan);

3, cost of logistics (warehousing, courier, for example, is 12 yuan, it should be noted, the seller said this is not a "cost", can not shipping ah. But for students, consumers shopping in the process of shipping nopostage, is a one-time payment, shipping logistics costs included nopostage consumers and courier fees together after the payment, as long as they took out how much money is a consumer package or not? Your own package statement so? Express is "hard cost");

4, Tmall Koudian (average deduction 4%, 60 yuan sales price is 2.4 yuan);

5, revenue (even if an average of 8%, not to mention the shop not to pay tax, the corresponding enterprise Tmall store is not a private bank account, bank card all transactions are not a penny of tax less off, that is 4.8 yuan);

6, filming and production costs (especially FMCG is very high, even in a single mode beat, SKU shelves, shooting, retouching and post production, so it is less 3%. Is 1.8 yuan);

1, the labor cost, that you have to spend money to support the team do the electricity supplier, Tmall’s cost. It is less 6 (operation, design, customer service, warehouse, because Tmall is…) is the operation of the company, employee wages, pension insurance,   office expenses all stalls, in Hangzhou.

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