The Spring Festival has become true lovers really made a couple

was forced to the influence of the tide, the new year rental business on the upgrade of male and female friends. But there is a real lover of men and women from the Spring Festival, and finally become a real couple. It was a beautiful accident.

man to rent "Spring Festival lovers" home new year, did not expect the real. And Liu Tao met with the cafe, he and his girlfriend met for the first time in the cafe, talked about his girlfriend home for the holiday rental experience, Liu Tao cannot conceal his childish smiles, said, we are both very lucky, this is fate.

in the city on the website "rent a girlfriend" post

2015 is 30 years old since I work after every new year home should bear the laws nagging asked if I have a girlfriend, why not get married, so children are in kindergarten…… I hear the ears almost from the cocoon, and home has become a small burden.

is also good to my eye margin when she started the holidays simply pick up the luggage, bought a special purchases for the Spring Festival with me, so we set foot on the way home recommended

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