Two good projects for College Students

a lot of students just out of school, because they do not want to go out to work for others, coupled with their own home conditions are superior, they thought of their own business owners do. On the current market, college students entrepreneurship is not surprising. The following small series to introduce you to two suitable for college students to start a good project.

A: drink

To determine the

my investment budget: the purchase of fruit juice machine, refrigerator, cutlery, tables and chairs, sterilized for 8000 yuan, 200 yuan of pre purchase fruit shop, rent (about 5 square meters), 1000 yuan per month, 300 yuan for legal procedures, other expenses 500 yuan.

"drink" culture is more and more white-collar love. Smart entrepreneurs can put green drinks and beauty and health together, tea, water, juice, soup house. So, the new fashion consumption. This investment needs little money, and at the same time can sell cold drinks, hot drinks, reduce the risk of the off-season.

Two: parent-child square

80 students Shen Xiaoqin couple "parent-child square" infant world, pacifiers, baby bottles, sleeping bags, children’s clothing, toys, educational supplies, skin care products Goods are available in all varieties. infant to small, small pins, pillows, a variety of styles of the commodity price options.

to integrated infant supplies stores operating well, Shen Xiaoqin think there are a few points to note: the goods should be full and new. Baby supplies store first to attract customers with a full range of goods, so as to avoid the trouble of purchasing their mothers. In the choice of commodities to new, can be observed in some large shopping malls or according to customers reflect the timely replacement. At the same time, >

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