Gome online CEO Li Juntao blasted Jingdong is not broken milk silly child

After the decline of the

Internet, old home appliance chain stores was clearly impact, is numerous and specialize in online business. When it comes to the competition between the traditional home appliance enterprises and rooted in the electricity supplier of the Internet business, mouth cannon is not to prevent. The United States had repeatedly challenge the online CEO Suning Jingdong, especially Jingdong, said that "one or two words can make Jingdong do not sell, because we cooperate with suppliers for 28 years." "In the face of the capital of winter, to follow the trend of running is a blind alley, who continue to surplus corporate slogan hande ring, double dare really price 11." In tomorrow’s Chinese chain industry O2O conference, Li Juntao in a keynote speech once again will be aligned with the edge of the Jingdong, this time he attacks is not profitable Jingdong continue to make it difficult to understand.

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