Deep blue travel gluttonous

let you enjoy a feast in the sea 800 meters, so what kind of experience? Do you want to think. Xiao Bian told you that such things are happening.

Yi Chunzhu catering group ushered in its high-end catering brand – New 800 meters deep seafood buffet to create high-end seafood buffet delicacy new experience, create healthy delicacy culture. The main fashion exquisite restaurant health Jinding small Hot pot, the pot top seafood do, meet diners taste buds and healthy capital double enjoyment, more capital catering fashion adds a touch of Royal blue.

as a high-end brand Yi Chunzhu Restaurant Group – 800 meters deep seafood buffet sincere offer six wonderful: the world’s first live Salmon Sashimi, everywhere fried toast, lead a person to endless aftertastes; crisp fresh gourmet; snowflake beef, fat but not greasy; Dragon abalone shell a superb collection of beautiful things, very delicious; 100% Fresh Juice, health energy drinks; drink, not to be missed!

Jinding quality soup of fresh taste

800 meters deep seafood buffet the continuation of the Yi Chunzhu exquisite small Hot pot Jinding brand essence, taste very fresh seafood will impact to the end. The use of linseed oil health capsule, strictly adhering to the health concept! Thick wall copper refining one pot of small Hot pot, simmer, simmer fine, ensure all kinds of seafood nutrition ingredients after heating make the leaching into the soup, soup taste pure, very fresh Hot pot to achieve the most fully and delightfully experience.

deep surf blue gluttonous

800 meters deep seafood buffet design inspiration from deep-sea elements, and the restaurant name agree without prior without previous consultation. The whole restaurant with blue and white colors, especially food buffet area, the magnificent blue background with a variety of top seafood, inviting people. Like the waves in the ocean with dynamic lines in each region, collocation custom colorful chandelier like colorful coral, it is good to hear or see, into the dining room as if in the underwater world.

seasonal seafood global collection

800 meters deep seafood buffet the world collecting seasonal seafood, fresh seafood flights around the world arrive, uphold the principle of "fresh ingredients, authentic cuisine, delicious authentic" three big theme, is a fresh commitment to quality assurance. In 800 meters deep you can taste from France jeraldo oysters, Australian Lobster, Canada Geoduck, Alaska live crab, Boston lobster, scallops, sea cucumber, Hawaii Russia, zero position made irresistible delicious seafood.

food and wine intoxicating night

allows guests to fully appreciate the perfect combination of wine and food is also the 800 meters deep sea seafood buffet

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