How to join the fish pot

hot pot is a food giant project, and now the most popular hot pot project is the health pot brand, for example, even fish hotpot.

even fish is a popular food and beverage group meticulously create a health light pot. The ceramic composite pot, the finest selection of small yellow flowers, fresh meat, rich nutrition, fresh dishes perfect collocation, eat first and then rinse,

Baoding Yue Public Catering Services Limited has established a number of subsidiaries, break the traditional business model, and integrated into the "Internet plus" thinking, all-round, combined business model, multi business platform and broad extension penetration from the basic link of brand strength, build a new model China franchise, to complete the brand chain join the industry in the last mile, a franchise industry scientific development road! Then I fish Hot pot to join?

how to join the fish pot

even fish hot pot join condition:

1, law-abiding citizens

2, certain investment venture capital

3, with high entrepreneurial enthusiasm

4, look, take the risk awareness of the cost of

5, agree with the fish culture

6, Yue Yue group leader

even fish hot pot join process:

1, consulting

understanding of the brand, development and other

2, visit

company to join the franchisee to visit the group headquarters visits, in-depth understanding of the brand

3, investment analysis

according to the franchisee in the region of the environment, the level of consumption, the surrounding business district and the economic situation of investors to give a reasonable analysis, to provide investors with a scientific program

4, signed

contract, signed a franchise contract, happy to have the right to operate a shop

5, opening preparation

training arrangements, determine the store design, in accordance with the unified standard decoration, with the opening of operations activities, apply for business license and the relevant documents, the implementation of business solutions


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