Look at traditional enterprises and nternet giants from tax

in the country, what brand of mobile phone share the highest? Yes, millet phone. Yesterday, millet mobile phone micro-blog official turned a micro-blog millet fans club, said millet every day in 2013 tax 11 million 500 thousand! That is the original micro-blog:

"today Ma Yun open letter to employees: 2013 Alibaba group average tax more than 20 million yuan. According to reliable sources, 3 year old millet, 2013 average daily tax of 11 million 500 thousand. You have made a contribution "

and millet mobile phone administrative micro-blog forwarded this micro-blog, wrote:

" millet and a new contribution Rice noodles, a miracle! Thank you for coming all the way……"

however, I immediately felt a bit unbelievable. I have served as the full responsibility of the general manager of the three Microsoft technology center, and now have their own start-up companies, so very sensitive to tax. This hardware sales company like millet, mainly pay the value-added tax (VAT spread out 17%).

VAT can be simply understood as the post tax is the final tax revenue collected from users in the hands of 17% of the production, circulation, responsible to each of the resulting difference between layers of transmission, their pay. For example, a computer store purchase a number of computer accessories cost 5000 yuan (income tax price), save into computer sales of 6000 yuan (including tax expenses, price, price 1000 yuan). Users pay a total of 6000 yuan /117%x17%=871 yuan, of which $1000 /117%x17%=145 yuan to pay the computer installed in the business.

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