How to open an optical shop

is now more and more friends myopia, myopia glasses are very urgent. In addition, more and more people began to fall in love with sunglasses, then, if you want to open a shop like this, how to do? Xiaobian for everyone to introduce.

card: intermediate optometrist and intermediate distribution industry is the two documents required, can participate in store experiential training, you can get the intermediate optometrist and intermediate distribution industry double card free


supply: the major glasses wholesale market is your purchase channels. Open glasses shop, if manufacturers from the visibility and reputation of the glasses are higher at getting goods directly, the profits will greatly enhance.

funds: as the case may be. Open shop, a large scale, opened in the downtown area of the shop, the initial renovation needs about 100000 yuan, rent to 300 thousand yuan a year, and assembly, optometry equipment prices, low to high to hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars. 30 square meters of the store, if not luxurious decoration is simple, the rent is not high and can make money for almost one hundred thousand quarters, about.

store: according to the actual situation of investors. Open glasses shop, general 30 square meters can be opened.

personnel and technical conditions: manager of a store, according to the size and the actual traffic, with appropriate 2 – 10 clerk. Professional glasses shop employees focus on business skills training, professional optometrists and opticians, ensure the accuracy of optometry and glasses, and should be devoted to the quality inspection personnel, to ensure product quality in line with national standards.

equipment: This is a necessary condition for the professional level of the glasses shop. Open shop, perfect equipment is to improve the accuracy of optometry and glasses that can be one of the means to enhance customer trust.

is about more than the need to pay attention to open shop matters, if we really want to have my own shop you need to consult the others a lot, a lot of industry research, so that we can easily open their own shop.

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