How to make a successful stew pot shop

In recent years

cooking culture swept the country, more and more people like cooking, cooking tastes and requirements for the decoration of rice in the pot shop are very strict, in the face of fierce competition in the market to start cooking, cooking shop?

93 after graduating from Jianghan University, has been doing food grams. He had seen the peer "overnight", but he always thinks, want to get rich people do not fit the restaurant. "Modern food and beverage is to rely on detail to win, this is a process of continuous improvement, the mentality of impetuous people how to calm down to observe their own flaws? Even if the extraordinary move to seize market opportunities, it is difficult to defend."

1993, who had just graduated from grams to find a job in the city of Wuhan Taipei city high stone. At that time, but a very good job, Taiwan funded enterprises, a monthly salary of 1200 yuan."

however, the most unforgettable is the stone had let g high management level, in his opinion "to be higher than a big slice of Wuhan catering sector". Zeng Ke still clearly remember a lot of details, "we shop many potted plants, from the door to the inside to put at least hundreds of pots, and the boss of each bonsai have display. We go to work every day to move out, a long time there will inevitably be one or two pots misplaced. But almost every time the boss found, we swing, he always borrow this opportunity to our training, each bonsai has its place, if have a wrong, the customer came in from the outside visual enjoyment is not up to the best effect, we decorated investment discount."

1994, the new high stone attracted a number of cleaning staff. Cleaning workers think they are strictly in accordance with the procedures, but the boss

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