Buy the industry to buy navigation development

industry as a new force in the rise of group purchase, just more than 1 years, can be said to be a huge impact, especially in the advertising industry, group purchase group purchase related industries, including navigation, group purchase related industries are gradually complete perfect, of course, to stimulate the economic growth of group purchase industry, promote consumption, and promote the development of the advertising industry the requirements provided by the industry also help a lot of people to solve a lot of problems, can be said that the group purchase industry has played a significant role.

recently group purchase navigation news constantly, the Group operates 571 group purchase navigation airborne, the 123 name, Baidu has also recently appeared on their own group purchase, plus Baidu holdings where 60% of the shares, becoming the absolute masters, 55 was acquired, that group purchase industry is in a process of development and change of the stimulus otherwise, Baidu will focus more on the aspects of the electricity supplier. Some people say that now buy is in the fatigue period, I believe that the general direction will have a big action. In fact, is developing, like a child, after the accumulation of time, the content will be rich and varied, because the bigger, to do and know more.

Internet professional personnel that can produce ocean navigation, group purchase is a product of the development of group purchase is a market demand, when people get used to the existence and dependence of the group purchase group purchase process, navigation provides vertical search marketing audience consumer habits, to meet the audience’s needs, quality, service and convenient slowly, the stick stick and enhance customer experience is a trend and direction of development of the group purchase navigation. In the face of market competition, more and more diverse forms of navigation, service and quality is gradually improving.

I think, group purchase need to produce unique navigation features, in the competition to release infinite ontology advantage, the author understands like 571 group purchase navigation, road passenger, poly Amoy are potential and development space. From the user experience and content are done several group purchase navigation in the important experience of the audience, search habits is relatively high, while the search habits improve convenience of use of the audience, the audience will be improved with sticky degree.

when people become increasingly accustomed to the presence and understanding of the buy, buy the industry can be regarded as the true stage of development, buy navigation as a group of related industries will also be improved and standardized. More than a year to buy the industry development, I believe that the existence of a certain value. At the same time can also hope to buy foreign industry can achieve better results, go further.

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