Demonstration of the value of the model began to decline in the nternet Era


Internet era, what is changing, even the attitude of the model is also changing. For the current business model, more should be from their experience to find the law, rather than simply imitate. Demonstration of the value of the model in the Internet era gradually decline, it is worth thinking entrepreneurs.

Internet era of success, but it is very simple, is the most successful single point. Because success is too simple, so some of the traditional big brother is disdain: what is this? It’s too simple!

is not popular system, subversion era is not popular system. Single point of subversion, of course, to reduce the threshold of success, so success becomes simple.

subvert the threshold low, starting from simple, this is a good thing. So now the subversion and entrepreneurship, action ability is the most important, because there is no way to assess the risk, the traditional project assessment useless.

that the Internet is decentralized, in fact, to the center of the The Creative Center of more miracles. Ma Yun, Lei Jun at the point of their success and did not spend much money, then why would they become influential man? "Because of online reputation".

the last word of mouth, mouth meet, very slowly; mass media later, although very fast, but it is not advertising, word of mouth. The emergence of the Internet, everyone is from the media, everyone is a source of communication, so the word of mouth can be spread on the internet.

is the "online reputation", make the recommendation

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