Garbage processor can make money to do

speaking of garbage, a lot of people are hated. In the current era of intelligence, the advent of the garbage processor, will undoubtedly solve a lot of people such a trouble. However, such a product is good, if the operation, it can really have a profit? In other words, operating garbage processor can make money?

garbage processor is a new product, we have no one here to do, then the agent to do at least thirty thousand, I did not do, I just bought a three spent more than two thousand yuan. Before buying, said the wholesale price to me, can not sell back.

because this person is my hometown, I was meant to get less than two try to see if you can sell. After I get to a garbage processor on a friend of mine, he drove a solar front, put a table before one of my relatives, relatives drove a renovation of the front, are in a small town, and my own mount. To sell this thing, you need to understand it, so I put on an experience.

things ready, I began to do advertisement. I took the brochure everywhere, in all quarters are labeled advertising. The results of the things there for three months did not sell a.

for the past three months, I just went to the store once in a while and never went to the store. Someone is asked, is not being installed, said that it is not practical, who have garbage downstairs when I go on, where need this, if installed on the blocked sewer more expensive.


with relatives and friends to sell, they say it is the equivalent of a mill to chant, crushed garbage again washed away, will block the sewer. I explained that I spent more than two months can not block the sewer, said that a long time who can not say.

Over the past three months

did not sell, I put the two back, and then they used that down, think it is not installed.

new things are not necessarily popular. I later realized that if this thing is to do a cabinet shop on behalf of the purchase may be much better, because the garbage can be installed and a cabinet, can be used to make matching equipment, and then sell alone, then it is not so easy to say.

so, although the product is good, can really bring convenience to our business, but under the current concept of consumption, such products waste processor or not be able to get more consumer recognition. If you want to operate a garbage processor to make money, I am afraid that only the choice of a very high level of consumption of some areas for sale.

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