Choose to join the project of the four errors

choose a good project, is the most critical step to success. Of course, if you choose a bad project, no matter how much effort you pay, you may become futile. So, how to distinguish between good and bad to join the project? The following are four kinds of errors, a look at!

two errors: processing

The processing fee

zone three: joint venture factoriesSome

four mistakes: collection and recovery of

some advertisers blow collect ancient coins and other objects can be Mao rich, according to the information they receive Mao ancient coins, can receive many pieces of value of a few hundred to several thousand yuan of waste money, and then sent to the ancient coin market sale, can become a millionaire. This is a trap filled with flowers. Advertisers with " long-term acquisition of ancient coins, banknotes, coins and other badges " under the guise of just to attract you to spend a high price to buy his relevant information.

this join guise will attract a lot of franchisees, but in the choice before, be sure to see the essence of the product, really can make money. Entrepreneurial choice to join the project four mistakes, to see!

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